Hulftsdorp Debates 2017

Congratulations to Lithmal Jayawardhana for being ranked the 4th best speaker out of the entire championship at the Hulftsdorp Debates 2017! (Outranking even the two speakers who ended up becoming champions of the entire tournament who were ranked 5th and 14th as individual speakers), and also to Alanna Gunasekera, who was ranked 5th (that's right, she was tied with a speaker from the Champion team) even though it was her first year at the tournament! The same applies to Shammarah Ismath who was ranked 10th!!! (still outranking one of the speakers from the Champion team)
The individual ranking of the other team members are as follows, please note that all of them were first timers at Hulfts and did exceptionally well: 
Tied in the 21st place - Mindula Peiris and Yohani Dodangoda 
27th - Nilushi Dewapura
The Hulftsdorp Debates is the main inter university/higher educational institution debating tournament in Sri Lanka, organized each year by the Sri Lanka Law College.